BLIFE Coin is The World's Fastest Tron blockchain based Coin Available on Tron Link Pro Application & wiil be comming soon on other Major exchanges

World First Decentralized Marketplace with blockchain infrastructure Token ICO.

The first decentralized Marketplace which makes simplifies and standarizes data with blockchain technology. We provides user-friendly, efficient and secure crypto solutions and utilizing blockchain technology.

Services Insight

A decentralized crypto payment gateway.
Forex Trading With BLIFE
A decentralized crypto BLIFE Wallet & Exchange
A decentralized multi-utility application.

Coin Detail's

Symbolic Name Decimals Total Supply Soft Cap Hard Cap Accepted Currencies
BLIFE 8 10 Million Mintable Coin 250 Million 600 Million BTC,ETH,TRX,XRP & USD


An Open Platform for participant

Each participant can choose the platform to sign a contract with TRX or BLIFE Coin

  • User have full access to our Smart Contract console, once have to register and after that can participate in any zone with the same crednentials.
  • Our multi-cryptocurrency exchange provides a secure and stable Wallet to keep your currency at one place where the buy,sell and swap in a very easy way.


We have big plans for the future of Request.
Q-1 2021
   Decided to develop a cryptocurrency named BLIFE.
Q-2 2021
Developed a physical community And Launch of BLifeCoin Crypto Wallet & Exchange.
Q-3 2021
Publish the coin on major exchanges.


A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the issuing body's philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is BLifeCoin NETWORK?

BLifeCoin is a network of multibillionaire investors and heavily experienced professionals. These investors and professionals hail from different parts of the world. BLifeCoin GROUP is also an undisputed global leader in the domain of Blockchain Technology and forex trading. We are a group of companies handling a variety of business streams since inception.

2 What is BLIFE

BLIFE is a decentralized multi-utility cryptocurrency based on TRC20 protocol of Tron Blockchain.

3 What is the Profile of BLifeCoin Network?

Map Link

4 BLIFE is a multi-utility token?

Yes, BLIFE is a multi-utility token. It can be used in many industries as a preferred mode of decentralized and digital payment.
It is a blockchain-based asset that offers functionality like the functionality of Other cryptocurrency.

5 How the price of BLIFE will increase?

Demand, supply and circulation is the most basic rule of economics. This rule will be applied. Meaning, Increase in the circulation and limited supply increases the demand of things.
This is how the price of things shoots up. Similarly, The price of BLIFE will also reach the next level.

6 What is the roadmap of BLIFE?

Please refer to the ROADMAP section available on our website. You can even download our WHITEPAPER for seeking detailed answer to your question.

7 What kind of wallet do I need to withdraw BLIFE?

You need a Tron Based wallet with TRC-20 support Like Clever Tron Link Of BLIFE Wallet.

8 What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) for record-keeping of cryptocurrency transactions.

9 What is TRC-20 Token?

An TRC20 token is a blockchain-based asset with similar functionality to Bitcoin And other Cryptocurrency.
It can hold value and be sent and received.
The TRC20 tokens are stored and sent using Tron addresses and transactions, and use gas to cover transaction fees.

10 What does TRC 20 mean?

for issuing tokens on Tron's network.
In 'TRC20', TRC stands for Tron Request For Comments and 20 stands for a unique ID number to distinguish this standard from others.

11 Is BLIFE a tradable cryptocurrency?

Yes, BLIFE is a tradable Cryptocurrency.

12 What are our preferred communication channels?

We are glad to hear from you via our social media channels. For faster response, please use our Contact Us form.
We strongly suggest you to not to share any personal/account-related information publicly on any platform.

13 Are there any country-based restrictions?

Has the government of your country or state has declared purchase/selling and investment in cryptocurrency illegal? Do you still want to invest in BLIFE and buy or sell in future?
Well, in that case, under any kind of circumstances BLifeCoin Netwrok, TOKEN GROUP will not be responsible for your financial loss any any punishment imposed by the government of your country and state on you. One more thing, our whitepaper has not been endorsed by any government. Under all kind of circumstances, in part or in whole, for any purpose, you will need to seek written consent of BLifeCoin netwrok in advance.
For more information in this regard, you are advised to read our whitepaper carefully and in detail. You can even browse through our website for the same. As for reason, BLIFE Network GROUP does not take any responsibility of your financial losses and legalities imposed on you by the government of your country and state for any reason.

14 How do I contact the BLifeCoin support team?

How do I contact the BLifeCoin support team? For customer support or user feedback, shoot us an email at [email protected]
Our team will do their best to get back to you with an informative and satisfactory answer to your question.

15 Where can I learn more about your token?

To learn more please go to our Whitepaper and get an extended view of BLIFE.

16 Why should I use BLIFE Platform?

BLIFE gives you access to a wide spectrum of benefits in our ecosystem, here you can buy, store and trade BLIFE

17 What is the ICO?

Initial Coin Offering is a financial tool to help cryptocurrency startups/projects record their presence in the market.
We are also put our best foot forward to leverage the potential of this robust financial tool. The objective is to benefit our community of more Than 5 lakh active users worldwide.

18 What are ICO rounds?

ICOs are generally launched in rounds. This affects the price of cryptocurrency.
Negatrx Network is also opting for ICO of BLIFE in three different rounds. You are welcome to join our private sale anytime. Remember the sooner you participate, your chances of buying BLIFE at affordable prices get better.

19 What currency can I use for buying BLIFE?

We currently accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), RIPPLE, BITCOIN CASH(BCH) and TRON(TRX)

20 What is decentralized payment gateway?

We are on the verge of launching our own cryptocurrency payment gateway . Any business or industry can leverage its potential to receive or send payments from one part of the world to another.

21 Where to start if I am new to the world of the cryptocurrency? Where and how can I buy BLIFE?

We are excited to welcome you to the BLIFE Platform, your pathway to buy BLIFE.